In Progress Review #1

This past Friday at the Felix Davis Community Center in North Charleston, IVMF Managing Director Jim McDonough and his team met with the providers of SCServes to discuss the progress that the network has made. The SCServes network is now 41 providers strong. The two most requested services in this network have been housing (33.5%) and employment (18.5%). Gilly Cantor of IVMF was on hand to provide statistics for the network.

Lisa DeJonge, Program Manager for IVMF, spoke to the providers.

Jim McDonough, IVMF Managing Director, and team fielded questions during the In-Progress Review (IPR) for SCServes in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Marie Elena Roland, founder & CEO of Military Community Connection, spoke about the success her and her providers have had since the inception of SCServes. One veteran that was helped by the network told Marie Elena that they “gave him hope” by providing the services that he needed.

Blake Bourne, Network Director of the Charlotte Bridge Home, provided insight from his experience with NCServes – Metrolina.

Ilario Pantano, Senior Director for Programs & Services for IVMF, shared his knowledge regarding the creation of WAServes – Greater Puget Sound.