SCServes – South Carolina

South Carolina is as rich in beauty as it is in history. Nearly 200 miles of South Carolina beaches are dotted with appreciative tourists enjoying the sun, sand and waves. Golfers from around the world hit the links on the hundreds of award winning courses. Traveling along the coast and into the vast forests, you will find native shell rings predating the arrival of Europeans.

Marshes, rivers and creeks are breeding grounds for the shrimp, crab, and fish served in the highly acclaimed restaurants throughout the region. Small farms spread across the landscape provide an abundance of local fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meats and dairy.

Forts mark time from our fight for independence through the civil war into today’s modern military installations. Whether living on a majestic plantation or in a more humble abode, one of the many things people of South Carolina have in common is a deep and strong appreciation for the military, its values, and its members. Local industries actively sustain the public/private organizations eager to provide the services necessary to the veterans, service members and their families.

Over 60 providers currently work with ForcesUnited, offering services and resources to veterans, service members and their families in employment, housing, transportation, education, subsistence, health and wellness, spiritual support, mentoring and volunteering etc. Through vigilant communications with each of these provider organizations and understanding their procedures and operations, ForcesUnited succeeds in making intelligent and efficient referrals to lead the client in the appropriate direction for his/her unique needs.